I can / can I?

The project I CAN/CAN I ?! aims to raise political awareness of youth and encourage them to be politically active, to show interest in what happens in Lithuania and the World. The project is designed for pupils/ teenagers (16-19 years old) from five secondary schools, which have been selected from different geographical regions of Lithuania and are rather distant from the capital Vilnius. However, the main activities are going to be held in the capital (2017 spring), where the study visit, analyzing Lithuanian politicians and politics in general, is going to be organized. The group of participants from each school are going to prepare presentations about three Lithuanian politicians, they are going to analyze their personality, activities, public life, and media information about them. During study visit the ongoing discussions with political analysts and different politicians are going to take place. One of the three days activities will be in Lithuanian Parliament with members of Seimas (Lithuaniana Parlament).

During all period of the project the participants will be invited and encourage to actively discuss about politics on Fecebook page, designed for the project (https://www.facebook.com/Atknisa.kai.Uzknisa/).



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