IT competencies for non-programmers


According to World Economic Forum research, in 2020 there will be a big shift of competences required from the society. The main focus will be on competences like Complex problem solving, Critical thinking, Creativity, Negotiation, Cooperation, Cognitive flexibility, etc. Thus it is very important to prepare young generation for these changes and provide them with 2020 competences, which in this case are called IT competences.

Lithuanian Children and Youth Center (Lithuania) invited representatives from Interactive Institute Swedish ICT (Sweden), Liepaja University, Latvian Business College and Viesītes Municipality (Latvia), to solve this issue and create a program to educate IT competences (2020) of schoolchildren (14-18 years old).

During the project (November 2016 – April 2018) best practices of universities and research institute will be gathered together to educate IT competences, to prepare and implement the most suitable 4 months long program for schoolchildren. After the project is finished, we will have tested IT competences training program, which could be used at any Nordic-Baltic school. We will have data and diagrams indicating which competences young people gained and developed using IT. High school children will be more prepared for IT studies and to integrate into IT business sector.

The project is funded by the Nordplus Horizontal program.

For inquiries: Lina Blaževičiūtė, tel. (8 5) 272 5331,,