Together for Sustainable School

Together for Sustainable School

The project focuses on both target groups of education processes: teachers and students and consists of two main according to parts.

Firstly, the project aims to raise teacher’s competencies by developing a methodology (Practical Guide) on how to implement sustainability topics into the everyday school curriculum. After the methodology is developed project continues to help teachers to adapt to their work and successfully implement it. It is expected to train 330 teachers from Lithuania.

Secondly, the project focuses on young people and their involvement. During an international Sustainable Development Ambassadors camp young people from Lithuania, Cyprus, and Germany will together discuss sustainability issues and plan how they can contribute to its solving. Later on, they are expected to pursue climate initiatives for their local communities and proceed with an active and initiative approach. It is expected to have an international team of 60 ambassadors.

By working with both target groups on the same objectives project ensures more integral approach on sustainability topic and will deliver more visible and lasting change.

Contact address
Mrs Jolanta Markevičienė
Organisation: The Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre
Tel: +370 5 272 5319
Tel: +370 6 876 9703